Timber Frames

Since 1978 Timbersmiths has led the revival of timber frame technology in central Virginia, bringing you the finest Timber Frames available at a reasonable cost. Timber framing provides a unique ability to connect to Virginia’s historic past, utilizing traditional methods, exposed timbers and fine craftsmanship. Timbersmiths treats every timber frame that we craft is an heirloom, which preserves a time honored legacy. We can design, craft and install any style of frame to meet any need. Many of our projects come as complete weathered-in, enclosed packages with Roofs and Exterior Walls as well as Partition Walls, Doors, Windows and Wiring included. This featured option perfectly utilizes our knowledgeable expertise and is the optimum way we can assist clients and builders.

Timber Frame Enclosures

Understanding the prominence of a timber frame and the needs of the client we can take the project one step further. With the unique nature that timber frames provide, all-inclusive enclosure options are a routine addition to most of our projects. We offer the option of completely enclosing the timber frame with stress skin panels (SIP’s and SSP’s) for the roof and exterior. Timbersmiths can also provide partition walls, doors, windows and wiring for a complete package. This option makes it extremely easy for design professional and additional trades to complete their portion of the scope of work. Timbersmiths’ vast experience with timber frames and their enclosure maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of your project.

General Contracting

Timbersmiths, Inc. is a licensed Class A General Contractor giving our clients flexibility and security during the entire construction process. We can provide turn-key projects that are on time and on budget. Working with Architects, Developers and Sub-Contractors as well as directly with Home Owners Timbersmiths can administrate an entire construction project.

Green Technologies

At the design stage of resent projects green technologies have been introduced in a variety of ways. These have included Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Geothermal HVAC Systems and even Straw Bale Exteriors. As the demand and cost effectiveness for these and other products continues to improve, Timbersmiths is always excited to include these forward thinking systems into a client’s project.