Structural & Architectural Components

Design and Restoration Professionals often seek out Timbersmiths to provide custom components for their projects which can be designed by us or made to the customer’s specifications. Timbersmiths can also provide TrimBür Frames to any existing structure.

TrimBür Frames

If you wish to add timber frame touches to an already existing conventional structure, TrimBür Frames™ are available. Using the exact methods and materials as any traditional timber frame, TrimBür Frames™ can be crafted to accommodate any situation. TrimBür Frames™ can be utilized to shore up an existing structure for added support or be purely decorative. They can be a great option to add affordable enhancements or change the whole feel of a room or building.

Staircases & Railings

Timbersmiths can provide highly decorative spiral staircases for many of our customers. With traditional methods and materials these components can come in a variety of styles from Arts & Craft and Rustic to Contemporary. With their sculpted craftsmanship they can become another focus point of a room, lending additional character or leading the eye to other features.