Mission Statements

Value – Timbersmiths places the highest value on our expertise and knowledge, we will always provide our services at fair market value. By providing our goods and services at their true value we enhance our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations and continue to grow Timbersmiths into a viable and sustainable company with dynamic objectives and sound financial projections.

Vision – Timbersmiths is committed to branding our name, products and services throughout Central Virginia and when practical to the Mid- Atlantic Region. We will always strive to become synonymous with timber framing in our own backyard and become the first and last place that customers look towards for our services. Any and all customers will recognize our name and our value, with knowledge that they will be treated in a timely fashion, fairly and honestly.

Mission – Timbersmiths, Inc. mission is to educate and promote the unique craft of timber framing for all to appreciate and enjoy. We will always assist and guild our clients with thoughtful and knowledgeable service throughout the building process. Timbersmiths, Inc. celebrates and encourages all individuals and their unique gifts so that they may freely and openly contribute to a common purpose, providing a safe, reliable and constructive environment for our customers, staff and associates. Our Quality, Knowledge, Products and Expertise will always be the best that we can provide and that they are the best available today. We will always stand behind our work and services, striving to improve every aspect of quality, commerce and reliability.