<h3>Timber Frames</h2> Custom hand-crafted with time honored skill and care. Naturally beautiful with strength and substance. <h3>TrimBür Frames</h3> Traditional timber frames crafted as finished carpentry to accommodate any existing conventional structure. <h3>Structural & Architectural Components</h3> Crafted to provide stability, support, detail and refinement.


Established in 1978, Timbersmiths, Inc. has handcrafted hundreds of distinctive custom timber frames throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region as well as providing Historic Restoration and Custom Woodworking Services. We work directly with Professional Architects, Developers and other Contractors. Timbersmiths will guide home or business owners through every phase of the design and building process. From the original conception of a project to the final completion, Timbersmiths' experienced team will be there to assist you in every way. Our client’s dreams are Timbersmiths' number one priority. Our frames are authentic in every way, custom hand-crafted in every detail, without the use of automation. Every timber is hand selected, every component is sculpted by true artisans, respecting and elevating our craft and tradition. By staying connected to our past, Timbersmiths' distinctive designs provide enduring legacies for future generations to enjoy.